The Pegasus Curriculum

The Pegasus Curriculum

Curriculum Statement & Overviews

We are really excited to offer your child a challenging curriculum that focuses on enabling them to develop into a successful 21st Century British citizen who is; caring, literate, mathematical, creative and above all, a problem-solving thinker and learner.

Each term’s ‘Big Question’ drives each child on, not only to seek answers but provokes them to devise their own questions through first-hand experiences which include; exploring their local community, inviting visitors into the school, arranging frequent school trips, weekly speaking and listening role-play opportunities and holding debates to explore current issues.


We have great working relationships with our partners such as our on-site Big Brum Theatre Company, our Ninestiles Trust schools, Greenwood Academy and Birmingham Music Service. Together we offer new opportunities to extend and excite everybody that include; drama and performance, many sports and music. We have ninety children who all play brass instruments, children who also play flutes, clarinets and we run a Recorder Club for our younger children too! This year we are hoping to start our school choir.


Our curriculum celebrates every background that make up the Pegasus Family. We reinforce this by designing special Focus Weeks and days during the school year; International Week, Art Week, Sports Week jointly designed with a professional sports company and our Story Week with all the parents retelling their own unique family story and creating Family Books. We are committed to every child’s enriched broad learning journey, striving together for their highest attainment possible at every stage and we aim to extend experiences beyond their valuable home cultural background. We offer the opportunity for our pupils to explore situations that they wouldn’t normally have access to through Topics that the children and staff have chosen.


The Pegasus Curriculum 2014/15 is again evolving and is now supported with an Emotional Literacy Focus which will engage every child in our daily Collective Worship Assemblies as well as encouraging them to discuss and explore emotions, decisions, actions and outcomes through circle times, poetry and language.


Religious Education is a separately timetabled lesson and the whole school adheres to the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus to enable children to learn about different religions through the 24 dispositions.


Our daily Basic Skills activities that start each day are focused on developing high competency, attainment and enjoyment of and in; Reading, Writing, Mathematics.


Our children always have valuable opinions and their ‘Pupil Voice’ matters to us. They provide regular feedback, sometimes through the School Council, on what they are learning in the curriculum and we incorporate this into expanding their learning and our teaching.

Curriculum Information Sheets

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