Routines and New Friends


18 September 2018

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Home Reception

Routines and New Friends


This week we will still be learning new routines and getting to know our new friends! We will be thinking about where we live and who is in our family. We will also be doing lots of counting this week and placing numbers on a number line.

Phonics: Phonics sessions will start next week. We will have daily phonics lessons, introducing a new sound each day.



Helpful Terminology

Segmenting consists of breaking individual words down into their separate phonemes ( sounds) for example ‘c-a-t’

Blending consists of pushing the individual phonemes together to make a word or spell. For example ‘c-a-t’ becomes ‘cat’.

Phoneme– sound.


Grapheme – the sound / phoneme in its written form


Digraph – a single sound made from two letters – eg ‘ee’


Trigraph – a single sound made from three letters – eg ‘igh’


All the children have fruit each day and those still aged 4 are entitled to milk.