Admissions Policy


It is expected that all children will attend school every day with a minimum attendance of 96%.

Starting school is an important step in the life of a child; we therefore try to make it a pleasurable and happy one.

The admission procedures for the Reception class operate in line with Birmingham City Council Education Authority’s policy. To view this policy please click here

Pegasus Admissions Form

Please send Application form to



Parents/carers should apply to the Local Authority. Admission details are sent to home addresses for parents to complete the Admission Form on-line. We have an admission limit of 30 children. Children come into school in the September of the academic year in which they become five, although it is possible to defer entry until the later in the year.


In July, children being admitted to the Reception class will be visited at home. This visit is important and a time where the teachers can talk to you and your child in a familiar environment and will give you a chance to ask questions about school and talk about your child.


Criteria for all admissions


Places are allocated in accordance with the Birmingham City Council Education Authority’s policy for admissions, and are offered to: –

1. Children in the care of the local authority or who previously were.

2. Children with a brother or a sister already at the academy who will still be in attendance in September 2019.

3. Children attending a Summit Learning Trust primary

4. Children who live nearest the academy.

Within each of these categories, priority is given to those who live nearest the
academy, calculated on the basis of a straight-line measurement between
home and academy.

Parents should contact the school office for admissions to all year groups
other than first time applications to Reception. A waiting list will apply if the
admission limit of 30 children is exceeded in any year group.




Parents have the right of appeal against non-admittance. Full details can be
obtained from the School Admissions and Pupil Placement


Visits to School


Prospective parents are welcome to visit the school at any time during the
school day by appointment.

An Open Morning for prospective Reception parents is held in the Autumn