Curriculum Statement

Our Curriculum Intent

Our Vision:

Resilience, believing and achieving are the ‘wings’ which lead to a successful, happy future.

‘ Be happy, be brave and be curious’

At Pegasus Primary School we have four core aims that are developed through our curriculum. We:-

  • Are happy, resilient in taking risks and believing in ourselves
  • Ambitious for the future
  • Curious and inspire to learn more
  • Are proud of our community, the Pegasus family and are equipped for the future


Our curriculum intent and vision is underpinned by our Trust values and mission:


Strength through Diversity

Ambition through Challenge

Excellence through Curiosity


At Pegasus Primary School our overarching curriculum aims to:


  • Inspire a desire for deep learning of knowledge and skills through the teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Our curriculum offers pioneering learning practises, that cultivate pupil’s cultural capital
  • Provides shared and independent learning experiences encouraging inquisitiveness and ingenuity
  • Ensures that our pupil’s become confident and eloquent communicators
  • Empowers pupils to make connections and transfer skills and knowledge to a variety of learning opportunities
  • Empowers pupils to participate effectively in modern Britain