PE & Sports Grant

PE & Sports Grant


Sports Premium Report for 2018-19

The school is forecast to receive £17.760 for sports premium for 2018-19. This funding is allocated by the Government to improve the quality of sports provision for our pupils.


On behalf of pupils of all levels of ability in PE and sports our objectives are:

  • to improve the quality of teaching and learning in PE and Sport at Pegasus
  • to increase pupils’ engagement with physical activity
  • to increase the range of PE and sporting activities and experiences provided
  • to support teachers’ and teaching assistants’ professional learning in PE and Sport
  • to facilitate improved co-ordination of PE and Sport through the provision of release time
  • to improve pupil performance in competitive sport at local level

Funding Utilisation:

Pegasus will be utilising this funding by contracting Aspire Sports Health and Fitness / PECS over a 39-week period. This will include:

Specialist coaching and tuition 1:1, in a broad range of sports and PE curriculum areas; education focused – educate through innovative, high-quality programmes that enhance health and well-being; adhere to AfPE Best Practice Guidance – all programmes offered have achieved QiSS status; Encompasses framework to track the progress of pupils and monitors effectiveness of provision.

Annual school Sports Week – community event – engages all pupils, a wide range of sports and activities.

Three clubs weekly, which offer a range of sporting activities and ensure pupils have the opportunity to compete regularly.


Build capacity and capability within the school to ensure that improvements made now will benefit pupils joining the school in future years.

Increase confidence, knowledge, and skills of all staff at Pegasus.

Further engagement of Pegasus pupils in regular physical activity.

Develop or add to the PE and sports activities that we offer.


Attached below:

Aspire Sports Health & Fitness 2017/18 end of year review.