Year 4

Year 4

I am so happy to be teaching Year 4 again and with how much they have learnt since year 2!

Homework will be set weekly. Homework will involve pupils reading out aloud to an adult 3 times a week to help them develop their fluency. After they have finished reading they are to record each session with a comment in their reading diary. Children are also encouraged to learn their weekly spelling and learn their timetables at home each week.

Maths: We will be starting with Place Value, please see the attached.

English: We will be reading ‘ Leon and the Place Between’  Writing a short narrative with an alternative ending.

Science: The children will be researching animals and environments in danger. We will identify how animals adapt to their climates, classifying animals and studying the types of teeth.

PE: Will take place on a Friday

Geography: Locating continents, comparing and using atlases.

Enrichment: Cooking


How We Teach Maths In Year 4


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